BLUEIT SERVICIOS PROFESIONALES S.L. (BLUEIT) - BPO IMAGINA OUTSOURCING S.L. (IMAGINA) are multinational companies in the field of Information Technology, Information Systems, BPM and BPO.

BLUEIT-IMAGINA, aware that the security of the information related to our customers is are source with great value, has established an Information Security Management System in accordance with the requirements of the UNE-ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standard to ensure the continuity of the information systems, minimize the risks of harm and ensure the achievement of the set objective, which is none other than the necessary framework for protecting information resources from internal or external threats, deliberate or accidental, in order to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information. Furthermore, all necessary measures will be implemented to comply with the applicable regulations, including the IT policy, building and facility security, and the conduct of employees and third parties associated with BLUEIT-IMAGINA in the use of information systems.

In BLUEIT-IMAGINA we are committed to Innovation and Quality, which is why we have established a Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of the UNE-ISO/IEC 9001:2015 standard to achieve the maximum knowledge of our Consulting Services and Outsourcing Services. This enables us to provide   rigor in the recommendations, agility in the timelines, flexibility in the approaches and complete dedication to our customers.

We aim for excellence in all our services by offering the implementation of advanced systems with tailored solutions according to the needs of our customers.

BLUEIT-IMAGINA establishes the following Quality Policy guidelines:

• Provide workers with the necessary competencies and knowledge to perform their duties effectively

• Maintain commitment to continuous improvement in processes, procedures, products and services, through the use of quality indicators.

• Use standardized work procedures,methodologies and work tools and perform internal audits to ensure their proper utilization.

• Keep project planning updated and carry out the necessary monitoring and control to ensure the achievement of established objectives in terms of time, cost and quality.

• Identify and control project risks and implement mitigation or contingency measures.

• Ensure the correct implementation of the requirements agreed with the customer and manage any changes in a controlled manner.

• Analyze the different solution alternatives and select, design and implement the solution that best aligns the required functionality.

• Ensure the correct operation of the different components of the system and their correct integration.

• Ensure and validate with the user that the system meets the expected functionality.

• Control all changes made to project deliverables and ensure the correct deployment of developments to the client's production environment.

• Comply with the requirements of applicable legislation to our activity, the requirements and commitments made to customers and third parties.

This Quality Policy is understood, implemented and kept up to date at all levels of the organization and has the full commitment and support of the management at BLUEIT-IMAGINA

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